Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tool #2

Hello! This tool proved to be loads of fun and laughs just like the first one! Now that I am up and running...blogging here and feels awesome to be connected to wonderful educators across the district. I love the fact that I can share, reflect, and learn in a community of talented teachers...we are all learners and one of the best ways to learn is from each other!

The commenting advice served as a reminder that being humble and gracious is always the best way to go!

Once I started posting comments...I didn't want to stop! I wanted to visit everyone's blog and comment; however, time wasn't on my side!
Blogs I visited and commented on were...
Rosaura's blog
Discovering Technology for Education
11 Tools for Learning
Vivian's Blog
First Grade Tech
RGE Technology

2 down...9 to go!!!! hehehe! Blog you later!


  1. You are having way too much fun! I can't say that yet. The posting of comments is fun. I love your cover on your blog. How did you do that?

  2. Blog is looking great! I LOVE it!

  3. Michelle, this is only the beginning. I had lots of fun because I learned a lot. I'm sure you will enjoy the rest of the tools, especially the ones where you have to create videos.

  4. I am just getting started myself. I think I'm going to make it. If I can talk...I can blog.
    Looking forward to working with you this year.

  5. Hi Mimi,
    What a perfect nickname for you!!! It sounds so sweet like you. I love your Avatar. I think it looks just like you.:)

  6. Michelle!!
    I thought I just posted something here but I don't see it!! HA! I'm a mess on this Blog stuff! :)

  7. Hi Mimi,
    How did you get an Avatar to look so much like you? You are awesome and I love the design of your blog. Glad to see that someone else is about at the same level of tooling. Looking forward to following your blog and all it's neat ideas for planning and instruction.

  8. This has been fun to play around with discovering, learning and creating. I think we sometimes forget to take the time to do just that in education. How many times do we tell teachers to allow students to explore? And do we do that ourselves with all this technology we have available?
    Thanks for reminding us to enjoy and have fun learning!

  9. Hi amiga, your blog background looks incredible! I have enjoyed following your thoughts and ideas. Keep them going!