Sunday, August 8, 2010

Tool #5

Tool 5 brought me to the Diigo website (love the name!) to learn about organizing my websites with tags so I can retrieve them on any computer and find what I am looking for easily (would have been so helpful to know this before my research paper!!). Nonetheless, from now on I will be accessing this useful tool frequently. The sharing part is even more powerful...sharing websites is the best because it reduces the amount of searching online...I can potentially find what I need faster by checking a site a colleague shares! Technology at its best!!

I visited and tagged two new websites: is a great website to learn about how and where I can volunteer in my community and at I can access text from nursery rhymes, fables, and fairy tales to project on the Activboard for shared reading or even as a workstation to read and locate rhyming words, sight words, practice phrasing and fluency, etc.

Will I ever finish on time? stick around to find out! :)

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